Is Crown Royal XR worth $106?!

Question: Is Crown Royal XR worth $106?
Im familiar with the story of the xr, so I've been interested in getting a bottle. However, I can't pay 150+ for something I probably wont drink (due to "rarity"). I just saw a bottle (750ml) online for 89, 106 after tax and shipping. Its a beautiful package, the bottle base and bag, and I would never open it due to its rarity. Will it increase in value over the next 10, 15, 20 years if I just display it, or is it really not worth it? This would be my first "collectible" alcohol and im willing to pay that much, im just want to know if its future value would outweigh the current price. Thanks


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I just got home from a trip to the Carib and all the canadiens would not shut up about crown royal.. Are they onto something? Get the original

Not to me. I can't justify that price when I get CR Reserve for less than half that.

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Rye has nothing on Scotch. Get a bottle of Johnnie Walker Gold Label for $100

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