What drinks can I have to stop from getting too drunk?!?!

Question: What drinks can I have to stop from getting too drunk?!?
What sort of alcoholic drinks can you have about 3 or 4 to get tipsy but not too drunk? Nothing with vodka in it though because I've had bad experiences with it! Also I get really drunk really quickly and easily because I'm only 17 and really petite!


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Mix your drinks weaker if u don't want to get too drunk lol. I drink whatever I want and adjust the liquor/mix ratio accordingly. Some drinks I enjoy are:

Cape Codder
Vodka and Ginger Ale
Rum and Coke
Jack and Coke
Disarono and Coke
Disarono and Orange Juice
Caribou Lou (omg)
Liquid Cocaine
Broken Down Golf Cart
Tequila and apple juice

My brain

Given your information it's best you not drink booze. Alcohol won't make you popular
or fit in with people who likely cannot control themselves. I know this from experience

That being said, have something non-alcoholic and keep a close eye on it if at a party

3 or 4 of even the least alcoholic thing--a Mike's Hard, or a Smirnoff Ice, or whatever--is still gonna get you good if you're a small 17 year old. Why not just have one of a normal drink?

Mix with schnapps, you should be alright. They're generally lower in alcohol content (check though because they all are not) and if you're mixing them, they really won't be that strong.

Malt Beverages (Mike's, Smirnoff, Twisted Tea, Champagne, wine)

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