-poll- What do you think of Gran Centenario tequila?!

Question: -poll- What do you think of Gran Centenario tequila?
It seems too many people out there drink Patron and that one is quite overrated.


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My experience is that the Reposado is quite nice. I had big plans to try each of their labels but never followed through with it. Maybe a good thing since some of the anejos can be pricey. Perhaps the Blanca would be a better choice for daily nips.
The Gran Centenario Rosangel is an intriguing tequila that I would some day like to collect. I like rare things and this tequila aged in port barrels qualifies. In addition to that it is infused with the flavor of Hibiscus.

I've never heard of Gran Centenario. Patron is way out of my price range. I always buy good ol' Cuervo Especial.

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