Why do people find it so unnacceptable to smoke weed , yet alcohol is okay.?!

Question: Why do people find it so unnacceptable to smoke weed , yet alcohol is okay.?
In my opinon people look at weed , as if it is so harmful , yes there are harmful effects and yes it maybe be bad for you ,but alcohol and ciggarettes are alot worse for you. Alcohol especially. People overdose on alcohol everyday. There has never been a weed overdose reported ever. People get so drunk and pass out at parties and get raped , when you smoke weed , yes everyone is different and some people may pass out but in my own experience i have never seen anyone pass out or act up just from smoking weed. However I see people get crazy and almost kill themselves while they're drinking. So i just wanted to put a few points out there , just wondering why does everyone look at alcohol like it is better ?


I agree with you 100%. Alcohol has a much more negative affect on the body. People have died from alcohol use, whereas nobody has ever died from the use of marijuana. There are much more benefits to weed than alcohol. Marijuana stimulates parts of the brain that allow you to be more creative (a lot of famous musicians made their best music under the influence of marijuana). It's also a great solution for insomnia. I suffered from insomnia for a while, and I'd just smoke a J and fall asleep.

I am in total agreement with you... You very rarely hear of car accidents while someone was high... it is always a drunk driver that kills a family of five. I have done both (over 15 years ago for weed) and comparatively speaking, I was always in better control of my wits, judgment, and coordination when high compared to drunk. The one down side I see to the argument is that alcohol is legal and is weed is not. If you are willing to purchase and smoke something illegal you may be willing to get into more serious drugs.


Because it is illegal and some people think it's a very hard drug and addictive (wrong). Some even say it will lead to harder drugs, which is false. I think alcohol is one of the worse drugs since you cannot function/drive when you drink too much. I have never heard of anyone getting a DWS, it is always a DWI or DUI.

"overdose on weed." wut.

in any event, your scenarios are grossly exaggerated. your comparing weed to alcohol abuse, not alcohol in general. good job screwing up.

Because weed will kill you because its an addictive drug and has worse effects and alcohol doesn't do as bad to your body + your body is still developing even after the age of 21 but yeah ._.

i have no ideal, i guess because ppl sale it and if they made it legal. well....
also you have to remember this is a white mans world, so what ever the white man says goes... lol

I don't find abusing either okay, especially when one is underaged and/or pregnant.

i agree with you!

Weed should of never been illegalized, but Rosevelt did, after people tried to re-legalize it but it failed which you can pretty much thank Nixon because he portrayed it as if it made people go insane and kill which was false information and many scientists tried to prove this to him and attempted to show him that it wasnt that bad for you but he never listened.Nixon was a cigarette smoker so he was all for cigarettes and hated weed i have no idea why but he did. Then he formed a group called the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) they pretty much stopped alot of imports to the country and were locating where it was being grown to put a stop to it. Marijuana shouldve never been illegalized and it remains illegalized because the society and government still remains posioned from all the false information that was given so long ago.

I wrote a research paper on it

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