Could I get into trouble or arrested for attempting to buy a pack of cigarettes?!

Question: Could I get into trouble or arrested for attempting to buy a pack of cigarettes?
I just met this girl in my class, in college, and we were talking for the whole time. Next, today I saw her in a store and she wanted me to buy her a pack of cigarettes. Now I dont smoke or drink but I am 19. When I went to buy a pack of cigarettes for her, the cashier wanted my ID, i gave in my learners permit which says under 21. I didnt know he had to punch in my ID number. I told him that I dont want it before he was about to punch in my numbers. I think he probably punched 2 digits of my ID. So I said its fine I dont want it and then I left the store. Can I get into trouble for trying to buy a pack of cigar? The guy doesnt know that I was buying for my friend. Please help. Will I get into any legal actions like arrested?


It's okay. Legal actions will only happen if you bought the pack of cigarettes while under-age.


You might if she is underaged. Smoking is bad for one's health anyway ...

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