Do Candian people like mango beverages?!

Question: Do Candian people like mango beverages?
why is there not many mango drinks in canada?
what kind of mangoes do u like? (Indian/ Mexican)
What do u think of introducing a new pure mango drink?


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Canadians like mango nectar as much as any other people. Why not mangos and mango juice is great. The Philippines ans Thailand businesses are the best mango products developers anywhere. If you have a new idea for a mango drink do it.

"I usually got mangoes from Cebu, in the Philippines." Yeah in dried form.

Not sure about Candian people, but some Canadian people like mango beverages.
There aren't many mango drinks in Canada because mangoes are often seen as a
tropical fruit. Although they were difficult to get, I usually got mangoes from Cebu,
in the Philippines. (mangoes here in TX are usually from Mexico) - Canadians living
in cities like Toronto are far more likely to be familiar with mango laasi for instance.

I used to live in Quebec

I can't speak for all Canadians, but I like mango drinks. And yes, mangoes are imported, so they won't be as common as say Apple or Orange juice.

There are a LOT of mango drinks in Canada - and tons of mangos in the stores - where are you in Canada?

im canadian and like mango drinks lol

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