How many shots of a 40% liquor would it take to get you drunkish at minimum?!

Question: How many shots of a 40% liquor would it take to get you drunkish at minimum?

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it depends on how "light weight" you are . Different people = different bodies . Some people can take one shot and their already tipsy , but for some others it can be 3-4 . or other 5-8 .. it all depends on the person .

Myself & seeing other people drink .

Everyone is different. I even react differently on different days. Sometimes it takes me 5 or 6 shots to feel anything, sometimes I get tipsy of off 2 or 3. So there's really no way to give you an exact answer.
How much do you weigh? Did you eat anything before drinking, or are you drinking on an empty stomach? Do you drink regularly? There's too many variables involved.

If you're my girlfriend, one shot and you'll be off your ****. But there are too many variables to be able to tell. For example, how much you weigh, how much you've eaten prior to drinking, your tolerance, what type of liquor...For me it's usual around 6 or 7 shots of whiskey. 3 shots of tequila though and i'd be throwing up in the nearest bathroom.

Depends on everyone. I can drink half a bottle of vodka (the big one) and 2 small bottles of schnapps (yes all at once) and get tipsy, not drunk. The buzz wears off in about an hour. What's weird though is I only get really out of it from light beers (the ones that taste like water, only need one or two), makes no sense to me. BTW I'm 5'10 and skinny but I'm solid built so I weigh more than I look.

It's different for everyone. Personally, I'm "drunk-ish" after about 3 shots. I'm a 5-foot female and I weigh around 110.

personal experience

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