Whats your favourite beer?!

Question: Whats your favourite beer?
Want to hear what your favourite beer is and have you ever been to Oktober fest?


Mine is definitely Grolsch and yes went to Oktober fest last year and actually met the very sexy Jordan Carver .It was a great party plenty of beer to go around and Jordan is just and awesome person. Jordan Carver is a glamour model just by the way

I've been to Oktoberfest in Waterloo, Ontario. It's North America's biggest Oktoberfest celebration. It was unreal, had an awesome time.
I have a few beers that I always drink, but my favourites are MGD, Carlsburg, and Great Lakes Lake Erie Monster (really hard to find, so I stock up whenever I come across it).

I like liquor primarily so my beer knowledge is limited. Primarily I like Miller HIgh Life cause it's a decent cheap convenient beer. I like my beers simple. No I have not been to Oktoberfest but I think It would be awesome. I'll have to plan a trip now XD.

Guiness....I started drinking it when i had to take it outta my dads fridge when i was in high school to get drunk, didnt really like it then, but wanted to drink. However, it grew on me, and now its all i drink

Piraat Ale from Belgium, respected as one of the World's Best beers, but not for sissies!
And Yes, I've been to Oktober fest!

never been, usually I drink Miller light but do like Shiner Family Tradition. Had Yuengling a few times and it was awesome but can't get it in Texas.


. . .

I don't drink.

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