inhaling black and milds?!

Question: Inhaling black and milds?
ok, I know theres like 100 of these black and mild questions on here, but none of them really talked about the point i wanted to bring up.

On a black & mild it says "100% pipe tobacco", and you inhale when you smoke from a pipe correct? So why wouldnt you be inhaling black and milds? The way I look at it, black and milds are a to go bowl of tobacco, just wrapped up in a blunt wrap, and less of an actual cigar.

And dont cigars have fiber glass to get the nicotine in your bloodstream through your mouth and thats why you dont inhale?

anyways, i guess my question comes down to, if you dont inhale black and milds, are you even smoking them correctly?

and please, no tobacco is bad crap. We all know


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Most pipe smokers do not inhale, and if you want my opinion the tobacco used for a black and mild is not good when compared to good pipe tobacco. If your going to smoke, smoke an actual pipe. The taste of the pipe tobacco will be much better than a black and mild. And real hand rolled cigars do not have fiberglass in them. You are thinking of dipping tobacco like skoal.

It's amazing! Try:

It's just an old wives tale put out by non smokers that tobaccos contain fiberglass.…

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