Do you get more drunk when drinking slowly or fast?!

Question: Do you get more drunk when drinking slowly or fast?

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Neither, well it depends. Take one ounce of alcohol as an example. If I drink that as a shot or in a mixed drink it is the same amount of alcohol and it will cause me the same degree of intoxication. Yet if I were to drink five shots one after the other as compared to drinking them (mixed drink) over a hour or two then I would become more drunk from the shots. So in this second case its the rate. The real question is how much is being drank over a certain amount of time.

In general, Faster will get you drunker, but it also matter matter what you are drinking.

For example, beer is usually 3 or 4 percent alcohol, while vodka is 40.

So if you drink a glass of beer the same speed as a glass of vodka, you will be way drunker off vodka at the same speed.

It makes no difference. I don't drink, though. I don't need to. Add the fact of my age, LOL.

Fast obviously

<- Is not 14 lol

for me i get a buzz faster if i drink brandy slow and it takes less shots for me.
So slow

Definitely fast lol....chug it up!!!! Lol slow it kind of gets boring if you ask I'd say fast.

I think fast

faster = drunker

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