What are signs of your drink being spiked?!

Question: What are signs of your drink being spiked?

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I have no idea, but I would never, never drink from my glass/bottle again if I left it unattended... I now drink from a bottle with a straw, you can carry it with you with your thumb over the top of the bottle so that nothing can be slipped in..

never ever leave you drink or food unattended if you need to go to the toilet take it with you it is better to have germs then to be poisoned .don't leave it with anybody else because they could easily turn round and the person will spike it .one the signs is that it would be a different color slightly or it would be cloudy

You answered your own question so perfectly that any response will be an afterthought. If you had said "how little of a spiked drink can I enjoy before I black out?" maybe we could come up with some interesting answers. But that's not the case. Never put your drink down in a bar or club where someone could doctor it without you seeing.

There aren't any visual sign I'm aware of (change of colour etc). I've had a spoked drink before, the vest way to describe the way I felt is, I felt incredibly drunk (I was only on my second drink) and I felt really disorientated. Best policy if this happens is to get yourself home with a friend asap.

Saw something on TV the other day. Cant remember fully but.
You can buy I think at the chemist .Drops which you put in your drink if you are suspicious it has been spiked. It doesnt affect the taste of your drink.

The smell is usually a dead give away or a miss coloring of a drink


You won't have any idea so NEVER leave your drink unattended or hang out in dodgy places where this type of thing goes on.

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