Had alcohol for the first time and it did NOT affect me at all. WHY!?!

Question: Had alcohol for the first time and it did NOT affect me at all. WHY!?

I'm 26 years old and had never even touched alcohol until 3 days back. My friend advised me to start with Bacardi Breezer. It didn't do anything to me at all. Then I tried Absolute Raspberry Vodka. Had 7-8 pegs but still didn't get the buzz. I had 3 pegs of Smirn Off and went to bed. I drank for about 4-5 hours - nice and slow. When I woke up, I had a slight headache which went away within 30 minutes of popping an aspin.

I need to know WHY alcohol wouldn't affect me? I didn't even feel the buzz, let alone get drunk.

The following day, I went to a bar and had 4 pegs of Dry Gin. No effect again. Tried a shot of Tequila since I had always heard it gives you a burning sensation however, very unfortunately, it only made my face hot. There was no sensation.

I do not have illness or diseases. My heart rate and cholestrol etc., everything is fine. I have done hash in the past but that was way back in the past and never beyond limits, in fact I smoked hash for 2 months in my life and within reasonable limits. I go to the gym on-and-off as well. My diet is okay. I'm 5' 10" and weigh 71 kgs. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? Please help. Pfff.


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How do you know what drunk feels like if you've never been drunk? You are not immune to the effects of alcohol... ease into it rather than finding out the hard way that indeed you do have a limit and you reached it sometime before you blacked out and wound up in a fight/hit by a car/in jail/covered in your own vomit/soaking your bed in warm liquid that a little later felt remarkably cold/etc, etc. Also, one of the primary side effects of booze is impaired judgment. Trying to gauge your reaction to alcohol while drinking alcohol is... optimistic. Stay safe and always drink with friends who can keep an eye on you.

Nothin is wrong with you.....except that you're Irish.

Your mind is tricking you. You were drunk.

Thats strange.. did you drink it all slowly?
One time i drank a whole 4 loko, and 3 glasses of Smirnoff but i drank it slow with little sips and mixed the Smirnoff with coconut mixer, and i felt completely normal.
The next day i gulped (lol literally) half a 4 loko in around 10 seconds and i was buzzed so i think it depends on the speed of your drinking
Next time you drink try to take it all together and quickly for a faster and harder hit and no sipping only gulping

My guess is there's nothing wrong with you. The liver's job is to remove toxins from the blood. Alcohol usually enters the body into the bloodstream from the intestines after passing through the stomach.

I am no expert but it sounds like everything is right with you. You probably need to have something a little more wrong with you next time to get the drunk feeling.

If I could go back in time and just stop drinking when this happened to me I'd be better off. Unless you really like the taste of alcohol why start now? I hated it at first, just wanted the buzz. Of course then you gotta take the bad with the good......hangovers. I have a very high metabolism and when I get smashed I hang for 2-3 days. Avoid that if you can....and you still can.


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