Bullfrog - how much to drink when you're new to drinking?!

Question: Bullfrog - how much to drink when you're new to drinking?
How many pegs of bullfrog can buzz you out if you're a new drinker, and at what pace should you drink? I'm 26. 5'10" and 72 kgs.


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A peg of alcohol can be 30 to 55 ml so having a Bullfrom which has about one larger peg serving puts you at one Bullfrog an hour or no more than 3 for the entire night.

Hello again. There are plenty of variables that make this nearly impossible to answer reliably. Did you eat beforehand? How much, and what? And how long before drinking? Are you drinking water as well as whatever this bullfrog elixir is? What is the alcohol % of the drink? Is it by weight or by volume, blah blah blah. Look, there is no magic answer just because you supplied your age/weight/height. Start easy and you'll figure it out WITH EXPERIENCE. Don't drink alone, and do assume that your judgment will get worse as you drink more, and by that I mean that you will feel like drinking more is a better and better idea as you get more buzzed. Knowing your limit is one thing - acting on it (aka stopping drinking) when you are drinking heavily is much more difficult. Don't be the guy that barfs in the taxi, be the guy who remembers the prior evening and can make fun of the guy who barfed in the taxi.

I don't know what bullfrog is. Also pegs.

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