Do our tastebuds change after the age of 40?!

Question: Do our tastebuds change after the age of 40?
I know that as babies grow they start to like different foods. Well Im 44 next week and since I turned 40 it seems like Im starting to like different things. I use to love burgers and fries and thought I could eat that everyday. I still will eat it but hardly ever. I also am starting to like more vegtables then I ever did before. Is it just me or does everyones tastebuds change?

p.s. I just wish my liking for the sweet stuff would go away.


they change because of different reasons, like gaining weight. i find i do like veggies and i am getting to like fish. i just got to learn how to cook and to cook the veggies and the fish. i don’t think the liking for sweet stuff will ever go away, not for me, anyways. i don’t think age has anything to do with our tastebuds. i think our situation change, like our health.

go away for me (sweet stuff) and I am glad! For me taste wasn't a big change but smell was. I start MENopause at the age of 36 and my smell senses are off the chart. I can smell anything and it drives me crazy. I was in Dunkin Donuts once and smelled something burning before anyone else and it was an outlet that had burned out or something. We always use the same laundry detergant and fabric softner and my husband bought a new one, same brand name just a new version and it was gagging, way too much perfume......I can't even use it. I know what my husband works on at work right when he walks in the door. Sometimes I can smell the wood for the dresser draws so bad that I can't wear some of the clothes without rewashing them. The list goes on and on! I wish it was taste and not smell!

Doctors and health people say that the sensitivity of taste buds deteriorates as we age but I don't like broad statements because everybody is not identical. Perhaps if your sensitivity isn't as strong then you don't get the pleasure of eating things like burgers and fries.

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Thus, things taste less tasty, such that one eats out of habit or much less. This is part of the reason why old people are difficult to keep fed: they don't feel a need to (and sometimes don't even feel hungry.) If you want to lose the affection for sweets, drink coffee (swap out the sweet for bitter.) "I am this day fourscore years old: and can I discern between good and evil? can thy servant taste what I eat or what I drink? can I hear any more the voice of singing men and singing women? wherefore then should thy servant be yet a burden unto my lord the king?" (2 Samuel 19:35)
Another way of dealing with the problem is, "The full soul loatheth an honeycomb; but to the hungry soul every bitter thing is sweet" (Proverbs 27:7).

Yeah, taste buds change. I remember first trying scotch (as a bourbon drinker) and thinking it was terrible, now I prefer scotch to bourbon. And asparagus was my arch enemy as a kid, now my favorite vegetable.
Things just change as you get old...

I would imagine it depends on the person. If asking about me I am not 40 so n/a.

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