What shisha is better? Starbuzz or Al Fakher?!

Question: What shisha is better? Starbuzz or Al Fakher?
I'm a kinda of a hookah newbie and also I wanted to help out my cousin on which one has thicker smoke and flavor. And also cheaper.


AF is WAY Cheaper. Both have good flavors and good clouds. They are very comparable. Once you have your packing tobacco and heat management mastered. Both will give you amazing clouds.

Personally since you are starting out. I would grab a bunch of AF 50g packs to kind of see what you like and get your packing and heat management down.
SB is a little too expensive to learn on in my opinion. Once you got it down grab some 50g packs of SB to try flavors. So you don't waste $25 on a 250g tin of something you don't like.

Experienced Hookah Smoker of Over 10 Years

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