Favorite drink recipies?!

Question: Favorite drink recipies?
I've been more interested in mixology lately. And was wondering what some of your favorite drink mixes were, so that I could test them out. :D My personal favorite is "Fun With Rum".


Some of my favorite things I make at my bar are;
-all the berry vodka we have (smirnoff black cherry, rasberry, pomegranite, blueberry)
-cranberry juice

FRUIT ROLL UP (looks like swamp water)
-Blue curacao
-orange juice
-pineapple juice

PINK PUSSY (everyone makes thiers different)
-Peach schnapps
-pinapple juice

-Red Alizae
-pink lemonade ( or strawberry mix with yellow lemonade)

Those are my favorites, but with any flavored vodka or rum and a plentiful amount of juices you can make whatever sounds good. I make stuff up all night long and the vast majority of the time (90%) my customers like it and they feel special because it is a drink just for them!


My favorite cocktail recipe to drink is the Meyer Lemon Sidecar: http://greatgrub.com/recipes/meyer_lemon…

My favorite cocktail to mix (with rum) is the Silver Gin Fizz: http://greatgrub.com/recipes/silver_gin_…

The cocktail that is always a hit at parties (also with rum) is the T.L.A.R Mojito: http://greatgrub.com/recipes/t_l_a_r_moj…

And of course it is always hard to pass up a good Margarita: http://greatgrub.com/recipes/simple_marg…

And if you want to read some good cocktail stories check out what DrinkBoy has to say on GreatGrub: http://greatgrub.com/stories/my_formativ…

Enjoy your mixology experimentation.


Cherry Skyy+Coke+Grenadine

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