Is if normal to not feel right for a couple of days after heavy drinking?!

Question: Is if normal to not feel right for a couple of days after heavy drinking?
I had never really drank hard before, never got to the point of vomiting even. but saturday I was drinking and pukeing pretty much from mid after noon until early in the morning with friends. I learned my lesson and hated it so much. But I got through the drunk, got through the hangover Sunday, but now it's Monday and I still just don't feel quite right yet. Cause ive never drank like this before I'm wondering is this normal? It's like a very mild light headedness I guess, not something crazy or too bothersome but today it was making a little bit harder to focus, which was not good.


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yeah i got drunk for my first time last month and felt terrible for like 4 days. you could be de-hydrated and didn't sleep enough. sleep is half of it.

Yes, that's 'normal' for a bout of heavy drinking. I always found that quite degrading along with paying for sickness afterword.
Aspirin doesn't help much either!

ride it out, it will go away. the you will be right to get hammered again!

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