why did my homemade wine stop bubbling?!

Question: Why did my homemade wine stop bubbling?
I used the following:
natural no preservatives red grapes juice. 10 liters (2.6 gallons)
1 kilo of sugar (2 pounds)
6 tablespoons of bakers yeast (no wine yeast where i live)
I used an airlock..
first it was fermenting vigorously, but after around 48 hours, it stopped.. if i press on the bottle, it will bubble meaning there is no air leak and the airlock is ok ..
what to do :)


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It might of close to using up the sugar. PS, you can buy wine yeast on the net, although I have used bread yeast myself. My mother tried making wine from natural yeast in the air. I would never suggest that. The wine was weak from what my mother made. If you want to fortify the wine, add some sugar to it.

this is where I get my yeast, but I drove over there. http://www.steinfillers.com/

They use to have an internet service. if you can't buy it from them, I"m sure there is otehr place that sell over the net.

If I was to geuss, the bakers yeast couldn't handle that amount of sugar/alcohol.
Taste it, what you probably have is a low alcohol, sweet wine. Which might be fine, but it probably has too low of an alcohol content to prevent bugs from invading.
Probably better get some wine yeast in it, it only cost 75 cents.

Either your yeast is dead, or it ran out of food (glucose).
Baker's yeast, in general, is the wrong yeast for wine.
Here's a website that sells most everything for wine making, including the bottles!

Cordial maker

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