What made you give up the stiff drinks?!

Question: What made you give up the stiff drinks?
my body won't let me do it no more...lol


Not only will my body not let me do it anymore. After I had my first child I tried to go out and have a good time and got a little too wasted had a baby sitter for the night but he was back home bright and early the next morning and I was SO HUNGOVER and taking care of a newborn with a hang over is not fun!

I still drink 'em..

I have always done it in moderation..
luv... a Russian,,, or a Kulula.. Jack Daniels..

Irish coffee after dinner..

I gave them up when I found out that I could not sleep or relax when I did not have two or three..or four or five...or six. It seemed like a good time to do it.

couple yrs after my first bubby born
,hangover from parties not good looking aftter a bubby lol
so i give up drink

Me too, acid reflux has me laying off the hard stuff these days...although a good scotch must be had from time to time...

Doctors Orders

Gave that up a long time ago. Just an occasional glass of red wine for me.

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