Which supermarket do you think is the best for value at the moment?!

Question: Which supermarket do you think is the best for value at the moment?


It rather depends upon what you usually buy but, on the whole, Asda wins hands down for most shopping and Morrisons for fresh meat, fruit and salad vegetables. If you have both shops near you and the time to do it, visit both and be careful what you buy at each. Sainsburys is the most user-friendly shop but you pay for the pleasure unless you shop very very carefully; but it is possible to juggle your buying so that you save enough money on some items to cover the extra you spend on others..some own brand products are excellent quality and incredibly low-priced for instance..I use the baby lotion, which costs less than 20p and is gentle on any skin type, and there are plenty of other savings to be made.

The truth is that if you go to one shop and buy everything on your list then it will cost you around the same as if you went to any other shop,give or take a few pounds..but if you have the time to check prices and go to more than one..taking travelling costs into account, then you can make a considerable saving. One of the easiest ways of doing this is to make lists for each shop and visit one a week, and another one, for fresh produce, every week..or you could simply shop online, what you loose in in-store bargains is not great and the cost of delivery is comparable with the cost of going there yourself..and it leaves you free to actually go to a shop only when you actually want to do so.

I don't know where you live but where I live (Canada Alberta) Co op liquer store ARE REALLY cheap compared to other liquor store. I once saw one of those large(biggest) Smirnoff Bottle for 30$!

Asda.But produce choice is limited.


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