How to Get more smoke out off a hookah?!

Question: How to Get more smoke out off a hookah?
i recently bought a hookah
along with some fruity shisha
but i just cant get it to get alotta smoke.
am i packing it wrong;; usin g the wrong cooal or what?
i use the holland quick lighting char. && my hookah stands at 17 in tall
pleaseeee helpp


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First off you don't have to suck hard. I smoke daily and my pulls are like breathing, not like sucking a milkshake through a straw.

First Holland brand, it's great, but it doesn't mean they can't work. Make sure they are fully lit. When you pick them up with your tongs before you put them on your bowl and blow on them. Keep doing so until the coals are glowing red all over when you blow on them.

Packing is probably the main issue. Break up your tobacco in a bowl or on some foil, fluff it and make is loose. Then pick it up with 3 fingers and drop it in the bowl until the bowl is filled to just above the rim. Then add foil and poke holes all the way down through the shisha. being sure to poke through a couple of the holes in the bottom of the bowl.

Finally Check for leaks. Put the hookah together without the bowl and put your hand on the top of the stem sealing it off. Pull on the hose. If you get air there is a leak. It's just a matter of finding it and correcting it.

Experienced Hookah Smoker of Over 10 Years……

if there is any breaks in a seal or the hose has a whole in it, it will ruin it. You have to pack the bowl right too. Not too tight, with a little room so it can burn nice. Then light the coal, drop on to the shisha and cover.. poke holes into the tin foil so it can breathe.

you need to "suck" pretty ******* hard
yea i know what you r feelin because i didn't get it either at first
look up some vids on youtube or something just to be sure its right

love it and good luck

suck harder(;

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