How long would tequila stay on the breath?!

Question: How long would tequila stay on the breath?
There's a dance in a couple weeks and I want to drink with some friends beforehand. Does the smell stay on your breath after it's supposed to be out of your body? For instance, if I drink 2 shots 3 1/2 hours before having to go home, would it still smell on my breath? Thanks :)


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Quite awhile.
It will definitely still smell on your breath = not to mention come out very noticeably in
your pores / sweat. And if going to a dance you're probably too young to drink anyway
but that is something you gotta deal with .. and it won't be 2 minutes for slashing lol :)

Been to Mexico a lot to see family and friends, so naturally drink a lot of tequila.

so long as the alcohol is pumping through your blood stream it will pump through your lungs and come out on your breath. the less you feel it the less that still in your blood the less noticeable it will be on your breath, but so long as it's present it will be detectable by a breathalyzer test (not that that will necessarily be a problem). yes, you can cover up the scent with mouth wash and gum but again, the mouthwash will where off much faster than the alcohol will leave your system.

nooo man just take a little mouth wash and chew some gum (spit it out before )and walk in your house with a bottle of water (trust me; it helps) and as long as ur not a lightweight or a crazy drunk u will not get caught. now if u get it on ur clothes thats different, might want to put some cologne on the spot or rub a little soap on it if its not a really nice shirt or just change lol...


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