Whats something cheap and easy to get that makes you high?!

Question: Whats something cheap and easy to get that makes you high?
What makes you high that is easy to get? Like, also cheap. Thanks, any information will do (:


dont use dumb ****. if ur going to get high, mary juana is the way to go its the least damaging dont be stupid. if u cant spend the bricks, mooch it off other ppl. if ur a girl its prtty easy to smoke free of guys, if ur a guy, well figure it out...

well u can high very easily for very cheap. but it is kinda dangorous.... Use aerosol spray cans (: its the best. or just a random person who looks shady for weed. odds are they probably doo(:
..... and if not, use NyQuil ...ALOT

Life, Clean air .... wait they're luxuries, if you live in a big city.
But at least you can enjoy them whether if you're 16 or 61 eh.

Datura flowers or some nightshade.

Make sure to higher a babysitter for yourself unless you want to walk in traffic.

marijuana gives me the best high but it's not the cheapest.


Take gasoline and drink it


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