Had alcohol for the first time and it did NOT affect me at all. WHY!?!

Question: Had alcohol for the first time and it did NOT affect me at all. WHY!?

I'm 26 years old and had never even touched alcohol until 3 days back. My friend advised me to start with Bacardi Breezer. It didn't do anything to me at all. Then I tried Absolute Raspberry Vodka. Had 7-8 pegs but still didn't get the buzz. I had 3 pegs of Smirn Off and went to bed. I drank for about 4-5 hours - nice and slow. When I woke up, I had a slight headache which went away within 30 minutes of popping an aspin.

I need to know WHY alcohol wouldn't affect me? I didn't even feel the buzz, let alone get drunk.

The following day, I went to a bar and had 4 pegs of Dry Gin. No effect again. Tried a shot of Tequila since I had always heard it gives you a burning sensation however, very unfortunately, it only made my face hot. There was no sensation.

I do not have illness or diseases. My heart rate and cholestrol etc., everything is fine. I have done hash in the past but that was way back in the past and never beyond limits, in fact I smoked hash for 2 months in my life and within reasonable limits. I go to the gym on-and-off as well. My diet is okay. I'm 5' 10" and weigh 71 kgs. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? Please help. Pfff.


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drink more


in the land of make believe alcohol has no effect on people. you need to improve you pretend skills so you dont get the headache anymore. unfortunately aspirin does nothing for a drinking headache as it is caused by the brain shrinking due to dehydration. drinking fluids or giving it time to rehydrate on its own is the only cure.

Irish, possibly?

drink more *****!!!!!!
and hardcore straight vodka.
it kinda tastes like nail polish remover buut its worth when ur freakin druck outta ur mind

I don't know what a peg is so I don't know how much you were really drinking.

I've heard of one person who it didn't have an effect on at first. I watched this person chug liquor and not be effected by it. However one night it finally did have an effect on them and they got so drunk that they haven't wanted to get drunk since.

That's not really normal with alcohol, with weed yeah it'll take a few times for most people but alcohol generally gets you pretty wasted pretty easily your first time. Although the first time I was drunk I didn't notice until I stood up and walked around.

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