Id rather get blacked out drunk than not drink at all?!

Question: Id rather get blacked out drunk than not drink at all?

I'm not an alcoholic but more of a binge drinker. I can go a week or 2 without drinking but when I do drink, it's excessive. I have ocd and one of the reason's I drink is to self medicate, I find it helps balance me out.

The thing is when I drink less, such as tonight I only had 6 drinks,I'm just not satisfied. I just think more and more how I wish I drank more.

Just curious of your opinion on this.


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I'd rather have it the other way around. Blacking out when drinking sucks. It's like your having a good time with all your friends then it literally feels like randomly the next second you blink once and wake up outside in the bed of a pickup alone (true story). It's like you might as well have been sitting at home doing nothing since when you black out you can't even remember that you were there.

And when people asked you about the night before all you can say way 'yeah it was really fun, i started drinking for two hours with everyone then sporadically stopped having a memory and just woke up at 3 the next afternoon.'

I wouldn't consider you an alcoholic, but the inability to stop drinking once you've started can definitely lead to a serious problem.

i dont think its a bad thing to go all out. im the same way. i hate going to a party and being like "oh, im just going to get a little tipsy" if im drinking. im gonna get shitfaced dammit! lol

what you described is an alcoholic. alcohol does alot of permanent brain damage which can probably make your ocd even worse.

YES you are an alcoholic.

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