Can a teenager smoke E-cigarettes?!

Question: Can a teenager smoke E-cigarettes?
Im curious and I wanted to know if teenagers under 18 are able to smoke this so "famous" Electronic Cigarettes. Im 18 by the way.


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If e cigarettes are to be classified as a tobacco products they are illegal to smoke by people under the age of 18 in Canada and the U.S., but as of yet the ecigarette hasn't been classified as such so technically there not illegal to smoke under that age, but I do not recommend anyone under the age of 18 smoke or start an addiction to nicotine.If anyone is looking to buy e cigarettes i have bought and smoked alot and have found the ones at are the best quality they come without nicotine and different flavours like vanilla as well for the social non smoker, if your looking in the states you can find them at

Screwhead is wrong. It is NOT a "Quit Smoking" device. It is an alternative to smoking cancer sticks. And the only way a person under 18 could use it legally would be to use the 0mg nicotine juice or prefills. I would say that that would be stupid to let your kid do it, but who am I kidding? I was smoking when I was 12. If I would have been using the ecig then, I am sure I would be healthier? So if your kid is a smoker and there is no way to beat sense into the kid let him go for it, it would be better than cancer sticks... Anyway, I have been an analog cigarette (cancer stick) smoker for over 20 years. I recently switched the the digital cigarette (Ecig), 12 days and counting. I have not had a regualr one since. I love trying all of the flavors and my nicotine jones is being satisfied. I am not going to taint my repsonse by plugging the brand that I use but I strongly urge anyone who smokes or even knows someone who smokes to try one. Do not go with the free ones at the mall or anyone of them that are produced by the tobacco companies. Trust e they do not want you to like them... The ones I use have 36mg of nicotine in each cartomizer and I hope to eventually wean myself off by lowering the dosage. Trust me people it's very worth it..

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Yea you can, but why? Nicotine is still poisonous and can kill you eventually. And also very addictive. its to help people quit smoking so instead of having the occasional cigarette, they take a healthier puff off of the e-cigarette.

AMAZING! I find this for you.

YES, your 18. You can.
Here is a company you can look into:
It has premium electric cigarettes and 8 different flavors and 5 nicotine strengths.

Nope. It's still a nicotine delivery device. The only device I know of legal for under 18 year old's is a hookah, only need to be 16.

it's not real tobacco so yeah you are able to smoke it but they will say it's not "meant" for users under 18

and some might have their own rules as to whether they will sell it to minors or not

Legally no because it has nicotine in it and that's what makes it 18+

Own an E-cig

Sorry no, but you would have to be 18

I used to work in an upscale liquor store

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