Who loves Busch light?!

Question: Who loves Busch light?
Busch light is my go to beer. Buy a 18 pack for $10 or a 30 pack for $15. I got nothing against people who want to pay $10 or $12 for a 6 pack of some fancy beer, but it all does the same thing.

When I drank Blue Moons my pants got tighter, 160 calories per bottle!


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It's pretty OK. Our go-to beer is Natural Light. They're pretty much the same. And I totally agree with you about the prices. I got a 30 pack of Natural Light tonight for $14. That's about the cost of THREE beers at the local bar. Money saved is a good thing.

ya! I LOVE BUSCH LIGHT! Cheap beer for a good time

this bro likes busch light

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