Anybody else share a bottle of champagne tonight?!

Question: Anybody else share a bottle of champagne tonight?
I shared a bottle of champagne and then proceeded to finish a bottle of wine that I used to cook dinner (only one cup was used for cooking). Not used to polishing off that much wine.

Any other moderately toasted folks out tonight


I drank a bottle of wine and then I drank every drink my spouse made for himself. I am so toasted that I am now black and crispy.

No champagne, it gives me a headache and nasty hangover. That's the only thing I can say about getting older with benefits, I know what I can drink. So yes, wonderful evening and I drank beer, husband had wine. Funny always though that waiters assume the wine is for the lady and beer is for the man. I just happen to be allergic to wine. LOL, hope you had a fabulous evening!!!

Split a bottle of champagne after dinner, a couple beers before...but it is valentines!

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