What do drugs smell like?!

Question: What do drugs smell like?
There is this burning, slightly balloonish smell coming from my brother's room. I am getting worried because I have no idea what it is. My first thought was drugs..


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I can't think of any drug that smells like a balloon. Anything from marijuana to crack to heroin has a distinctive smell and not a one smells like a balloon. Maybe he is smoking a cigarette and lighting something to cover the smell. Some drugs can be smuggled in balloons, but you take them out of the balloon before utilizing them. Ask him or ignore it.

Marijuana has a very distinctive smell, almost minty/sweet, but also has the scent of a skunks odor if that makes sense, its not a repulsive smell but a pleasant unique smell. Crack smells like hot garbage, lets hope your brother is not smoking on that pipe.... Its probably just some harmless weed, once he starts smoking the harder stuff, you should be worried.

That sounds more like possibly some wiring burning, you might want to check it out before your house burns down. Could be your brother may be overloading an outlet/surge protector or one of his probably multiple electronic devices has a frayed wire or something

Burning illicit drugs smell either like horrible-bitter/dry chemicals or sweet chemicals if they are one of the chemically derived or chemically processed ones. For those that are plant matter, they will smell like pungent burning plant matter. Marijuana can smell pretty skunky or yes, almost pleasant (I'm speaking as a non-smoker, those that smoke it and find it attractive, please understand this is a non-smoker wondering about it). Sometimes it smells almost like some commercial cigarettes. There are other, less common herbs people burn, but will smell like burning sage, tobacco, etc.

Hope this helps

depend on what he is having.go,ask him.drugs are not safe.

nooo drugs dont smell like ballons maybe he a pyro

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