How long does weed stay in your system?!

Question: How long does weed stay in your system?
I have a doctor appt. coming up for a physical and they usually make you pee in a cup. But i've been smoking weed lately so im scared it mite show up or watever. Is there anythng you can do so it gets outta ur system faster? I heard pickle juice and cranberry juice works. Is that true? Also can a dentist tell if you smoke weed?


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Weed stays in your system for a month.
A dentist probably can't tell if you smoke weed.
Stop smoking weed.

it varies depending on the person, the potency, if it was smoked or ingested, how often you smoke or eat it. THC can stay in a persons body for anywhere between 3 and 90 days after taking it. There is no method of guaranteeing there to be no traces within a quicker time but you can buy detox kits, detox tonics and other methods of help online, cranberry is said to speed up the process, you can also by synthetic urine online, it comes out a tube Device, just got to be sly:)
I don't think a dentist could tell that you've ben smoking Green, Just that you've been smoking in general

Good luck

It stays in your system forever. If you smoke alot, it might test positive for a month. If you don't you might be safe. Unless they are taking urine for drug test, doctors have no business doing a drug test with out your permission. If it's work related, tahts' another story. Please quit. Long time use does cause some damages.

the reason everyone said 30 days, is that by law, a low amount of THC is considered negative to make sure the doctor is not picking up second hand smoke. It's in your system, but legally they cant call it a positive.

It depends when your doctor appointment is. But it can stay for 2 weeks to a month. No a dentist can't know. Well when you pee in a cup put a little bit of your pee and mix it with a little bit water. Or drink pickle juice, cranberry juice, or a shot of vinegar then drink a glass of water. Also, exercising. The THC stays in your fat, well my health teacher told me that. Good luck.

Daily smoker.

there's nothing you can do to speed it up.

Weed can affect your behavior for up to 3 hours (unless it super strength stuff or combined with something else- in this case then add a few more hours)... but it can be found in your blood stream for up to 3 months after you took it.

They wouldn't find it unless they were looking for it... so if u have a drugs test then u got problems, if it is just a general physical you should be fine.

the first thing is what kind of a drug test.... if its a serious one like court mandated then they will use the more costly tests and can detect around 3 months and they will give you no chance to water it down or tamper with it... and they check the temp and have you redo it if its even 3 degrees off human normal temps.... same goes with tests that parents ask for because they will not want you hanging out with pot heads... nothing speeds it up and if your fat then you could fail the parts per million test for up to a year even in urine... hair only goes 90 days because it is way to expensive to track further back

cheech and chong

it depends where you come from but here in canada, they can tell you, but no one else. and yes, a dentist can trace THC on your teeth, but unless they're checking for that sort of thing, it shouldn't come up. i wouldn't be too worried

dentist picked up THC on my teeth last week, didn't tell my parents

30 days it stays in your system there really isn't anything that will guarantee that it will not be in your system. And the dentist can not tell you smoked weed.

If its a regular physical not a drug test you should be fine, but it will still show up. 30 days till its outta your system.

its the htc from the weed that stays in your system for around 2-3 hours

6 weeks

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