How to avoid a hangover?!

Question: How to avoid a hangover?
Okay, so my friend is turning 21 this weekend. So we are having a small party at my house. I have work at 11 in the morning the next day though.

I usually don't drink, but I've been pretty drunk before and never had a hangover, I guess I just don't get them or at least not very bad. I was drinking margaritas btw.

Say I go to bed by 2am, I live right by my work so I won't get up till like 10am. That's 8 hours of sleep. So you think that will be enough?

We'll probably be drinking margaritas (with jose cuervo) and smirnoff.


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I too like drinking Margaritas. I use Patron, Jose Cuervo makes me sick. After every Margarita I make sure I drink at least a 1/2 cup of water. Before I go to bed I drink a cup of water, this really helps me.

Basically alcohol is poisonous and it is the damage from the molecule in your blood that required healing and recovery.

You hear about liver and kidney damage, which is true and permanent. But damage is done to all the organs and tissue. Including the brain which shrinks in alcoholics.

So you need to heal afterward and there is no cure. You can help some by taking water before bed because you will be dehydrated. If you have an opiate like oxycodon it will help, so will ibuprofen. Do not take Tylenol (Acetaminophen in the US or Paracetamol elsewhere). It can be liver toxic with alcohol.

make sure you eat a good meal (even something like a cheese burger and fries is good) and eat carb loaded foods like chips and popcorn while you are drinking. make sure to drink an 8oz glass of water periodically thoughout the night, and take 2 aleve or 3 tylenol before going to sleep.

i never used to get hangovers until i was about 23

Easy! Take a packet of Forgiven. I won't drink without it. You take a packet when you're done drinking and it starts to sober you up, with some sleep you will be hangover and totally sober. I take it fully drunk with less than 5 hours of sleep before work and feel fine.

Its really simple, stay hydrated. Before I go to bed after a big drinking session i drink like a litre of water at least and it works every time.


Two main tips: 1. Eat a 3-course meal before you drink and
2. Don't drink any other types of alcohol, stay with one poison only.

usually taking a b12 vitamin before you start drinking helps

Drink water and take panadol before you go to bed

dont drink

sleep early....dont eat too much.....drink 2litres of water before you sleep....lemon water with salt is the best.

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