I can't drink alcohol?!

Question: I can't drink alcohol?
When I was 15, I drank my father's whiskey+beers and woke up the other day saw myself covered in my puke. After that day, I can't even smell nor go near alcohols. How can I be able to drink alcohols without any discomfort.


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how old are you? alcohol is a strong liquid. at 15, anyone would puke. so you shouldnt worry about that. if you're under 21, you have to wait till 21 to see the changes. it's pretty normal thugj

Since you're of age then look out for some light beers like a Hoegarden it a Belgian style beer that goes best with and orange slice.
Method: Pour cold beer into ice cold chilled glass, take an orange wedge and squeeze it into the beer, just the smell of the beer should allow you to enjoy the beer. Remember smell is 90% of taste so alway drink something that smells good and that'll eventually get you into other types of drinks.

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Lucky you.
You don't need alcohol to have a happy life.
Save yourself some money as well.
Buy a house with what you will save over your lifetime of not drinking.

Drink lots of alcohol, just pick up a bottle of rum and have at it.

dont drink....youl save alot of money

Then why do you want to do it?

This is a good thing. Wait till you are 21.

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