How to get a cork out of a wine bottle without a cork screw ?!

Question: How to get a cork out of a wine bottle without a cork screw ?

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Check out this video, it has some interesting techniques to accomplish what you're after.…

I wouldn't recommend trying to extricate a cork without a cork screw. Maybe a friend or neighbor has one that you can borrow?

For future reference, though, consider investing in twist off bottles of kosher wines. These bottles feature wine just as tasty as the corked wines, except they're generally much more affordable.

Some of my favorite kosher liquor bottles are by Becketts:

1. Becketts Flat-Five Stones Cabernet/Shiraz
An intense blend featuring an innovative blend of Cabernet and Shiraz varietals.

2. Becketts Flat-Five Stones Chardonnay
Delicious dry wine with a hint of vanilla.

3. Becketts Flat-Five Stones Rose
Nice and crisp, this wine offers plum and cherry flavors.

Hope this helps!

I run a discount liquor store specializing in kosher wines at

My husband is a carpenter and he use a hammer and a screw to pry the cork out. Insert the screw into the cork and pull it out with the hammer..... Here's your

Push it into the bottle with a blunt screwdriver

push it down with a knife and keep it in the bottle.

You can't there is no other way. Unless you break open the head of the bottle of the wine but that would be dangerous since the glass will go into the bottle.

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