what type of cigarette is your favorite?!

Question: What type of cigarette is your favorite?
no born again Christians aloud to even say how smoking is bad. but seriously what is everybodys favorite type?


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When I did smoke I liked Marlboro lights, thats all I smoked for 25 years.
Now I smoke a e-cig without nicotine in the menthol or vanilla flavor.

When I was a smoker (I have now given up) I used to roll my own with flavoured tobacco - Kendal Peach or Cherry/Menthol were my favourite flavours (or Aniseed on the odd occasion I was in the Tobacconist I could get it from)

PS: For those simply posting that smoking is bad (especially Kathy Loris who constantly has a go at people for not answering what is asked in her own questions) PLEASE READ SITE GUIDELINES/RULES - IT CLEARLY STATES THAT NOT ANSWERING A QUESTION IS AGAINST SITE RULES, AND COMES UNDER EITHER CHAT OR POINT GAMING

Camel Lights. but if you go down to the Caribbean, where there is no tax on cigarettes. you can get a carton of cigarettes for anywhere from $5-$10.

iv'e been there for the past 5 years.

Marlboro Menthol are my favorites. Newports are my second choice.

Salem and smokings bad (lol like the air we breath in just going outside isn't killing everyone as it is.)

Camel 99's.

Nat Shermans or Import "A"

i like roll-ups... any brand (usually whatevers cheapest)... i can't stand straights...

Newport kings are my favorite

why's this in the beer section? just because we drink alcohol doesn't mean we smoke. and camel crush

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