how can you open a tight bottle cap?!

Question: How can you open a tight bottle cap?

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Heat it up with a hair dryer, that should loosen it up. Or just use a bottle cap opener.

Pry it upward from underneath with a standard butterknife with your thumb placed on top of the bottle cap for stability. I also know a lt of people who like to use the butt end of their lighter to do it but I could never figure that method out. If you mean a screw on bottle cap, I agree with the other answer to try running it under hot water, or try putting your shirt (or some other piece of fabric handy) over your hand and then opening it as it will provide more traction.

I use that weird rubbery stuff that they sell to line your produce drawers in your fridge. I bought a roll of it and cut a few thick strips and store them in my kitchen drawer. Wrap this around the lid and turn... works every time for me... much cheaper than a rubber bottle opener... and easy to use on ANY size jar/bottle.

Here's a link to show you what stuff I'm talking about...

Good luck!

yes, use a powerful hair dryer to heat up the bottle.
heat causes glass to enlarge.


like the answer above... except just run the cap under some hot water (out of a tap, not from a kettle) the heat should make the cap expand and make it less tight

Try placing a hand towel over it to improve grip or use mole grips....NEVER use teeth...they break..

Toothless useless bottle opener

push the lid down and twist it you put on calcium powder instead of using your hands to open it use your hands

Use a bottle opener.


Use pliers to grip it.

Done it.

Wrenches work nicely.

Give it to a real man

use a hand grenade

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