Is bc bud really that good?!

Question: Is bc bud really that good?
i live in BC and have never smoked anything except BC stuff i have heard from my friend that he smoked some weed from Toronto and said it was really bad comparatively i know that BC bud is considered some of the best in the world but why is this? is other weed really that bad in comparison or is my friend over exaggerating?


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What I gather from what I've read is that with the strong marijuana culture in BC, a lot of effort was put into finding good strains of marijuana plants which meant a lot of good quality marijuana was being produced in BC.

There were then distributers in BC selling these high quality strains of seeds abroad and it was then becoming to be known as "BC Bud." It's not that you can't take these seeds and grow them elsewhere and get the same quality, (considering that most of it is grown indoors hydroponically,) it's more that because these high quality strains originated here, they're known as "BC Bud" where ever you go.

BC is the best in the world. It's Canada's number 1 export (seriously). They'll buy that sh*t for $40 a gram down in Cali. I live in London, Ontario. We get some dec stuff over here, but nothing really compares to BC bud. Toronto has terrible weed though.

This is the food section. Your question is irrelevant unless you're eating the marijuana.

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