Will I need a liver transplant before I am 30?!

Question: Will I need a liver transplant before I am 30?
I am an almost 24 year old female who drinks 3 bottles of wine or cocktails each and every weekend will i need a liver transplant before age 30? P.S. no lectures please I don't want to hear anything that says "drinking is bad, stop drinking" cause I have decided that I don't want to stop drinking because I love booze. I just want an answer to my question is this much alcohol a threat to my liver? One 750 ml bottle of wine 3 nights in a row on the weekend repeated each weekend and sometimes 1 1 liter bottle of mixed cocktail one day out of the weekend. How much damage am I possibly doing and since I am still young is my body more able to cope with alcohol then if I was older and am I less prone to alcohol related liver damage then to say someone in their 50's who drinks the same amount I do? I want to know. Thanks.


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wow.you really need to consult a specialist, then nutritionist.
operation is always a last resort.
life depreciate after operation.
change your lifestyle, detox, eat natural, live healthy lifestyle.


1 there is no liver transplant to be done! - once the liver has cereosis there is no turning back - you should contact your dr for blood work - if your liver count is high be aware and do something about your alcohol intake - good luck




No but your doctor could give you an indication on whether you will need a new liver before 30; however, I am quite sure that you need a brain transplant immediately.

If your skin turns yellow, you have liver failure and that's when you need a transplant. So drink up honey, your still making coherent sentences.

Hi again. :)

There are ways to minimize the damage done while drinking. When drinking, the alcohol causes your body to become very dehydrated. This is hard on your body, brain and organs and is one of the main reasons for hangovers too. A very simple way to avoid these bad effects is to drink lots of water while drinking. If I go out for 6 or 12 beers or what ever, I can easily put back 2, 3 or sometimes even 4 liters of water (a gallon or so) to balance the dehydrating effect of the alcohol. This is very important.

If you have food in your stomach while you drink, there is less irritation of the stomach lining which can lead to nausea. If there's less irritation then that can theoretically reduce your chances of developing ulcers as well.

Eat lots of foods that are good for the liver. Sulphurous vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower and brussels sprouts are very good for the liver. There are even herbal supplements that you can get that are supportive for the liver. Non-organic meat contains crap-loads of toxins. This is because the animal eats non-organic feed its whole life which are high in pesticides. The animal's flesh then contains a super-dose of these pesticides as it accumulates there its whole life. So if you eat organic or wild meat only, you'll reduce the burden on your liver again, leaving more of its power for the alcohol. If you're not too attached to eating meat, going vegetarian can be even more of a relief on your bodily systems.

Keeping your body in physical shape will help your body to be able to stay healthy all around more easily too. The risk of diabetes from all carbs and sugar in the alcohol will be minimized if you are physically fit for instance. I bet it's good in more ways than can be thought of.

And to answer your question, No, you won't need a liver transplant before you are 30! :)

These are my thoughts for now...

No one knows if you will need a transplant by 30 since that is impossible for anyone to answer except maybe your doctor. Even if you do need one, you will never get it with the way you think. Even if you would manage to stop drinking for the required 6 months that all alcholics must endure in order to qualify, you still would never get the transplant. You have shown time and time again that there is something mentally worng with you simply by the way you ask the same questions hundreds and maybe thousands of times by now. This is not normal behavior and something would show up in your mental evaluation to tip them off you are not playing with a full deck of cards. The one thing you need when you get a transplant is to be mentally stable and that is not you honey.

If you have no intentions of changing your ways (even if they do kill you) then why are you bothering to ask the question? Also, this should be under the category of health rather than food and recipes. Just a small lecture here (if you don't want it then you shouldn't put the question out there) why on earth do you 'need' booze so badly? I'm assuming you're an alcoholic? If you refuse to stop or cut back now I doubt you ever will so please don't bother trying to get a liver transplant when you've done this to yourself while there are other people who need a liver or will die who did NOT bring their health problems onto themselves. Innocent people shouldn't die waiting for organs while people like you receive them instead.

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