Does anyone know how to buy wine? Please help me?!

Question: Does anyone know how to buy wine? Please help me?
I want to buy my best friend a wine bottle for her 21st b-day.
Its her first wine bottle so I want it to be special. I want a fruity
and not too hard wine because we both don't drink.
thx for your help!!!!!!!!!


Most Rieslings are lower in alcohol and many of them are sweet. A few that are both easy to find and reasonably priced include : Blufeld, Chateau Ste. Michelle and Doctor Loosen "Dr. L". These are easy to drink and I'm pretty sure you'll love them, but definitely ask the people at your local wine shop.

Ignore the person who told you to try sulfite-free wine, since there's no such thing. All wine contains sulfites. Some wineries choose not to add more after fermentation. Also, it's been disproven that they cause headaches, unless you also get headaches from canned foods, dried fruits, condiments, jams and jellies, soup, potato chips, etc. Then it's possible you have a true sulfite allergy, but they're very rare.

Also, ignore the CA Cabernet Sauvignon reco. If neither of you drink wine, you'll dislike the tannins, high intensity and high alcohol present in most American Cabernets.

I'm a sommelier.

There's alot of types thats fruity so as people said, ask a wine shop. 2 kinds i like that's very light and somewhat fruity is Resling and Gewurztraminer. Look for wines that say it goes with seafood, dessert or asian food, alot of those are usually much lighter or sweeter.
Try getting one that doesn't contain sulfites (it'll say it on bottle) it can cause headaches especially if u don't drink much.

American wines can be very nice and easy drinking and as it can take a while to appreciate the taste of wine, that would be my suggestion.
So i would go for a Cabernet Sauvignion or Merlot for instance.

I am Talking from the experience of introducing non wine drinkers to the amber nectar.
I started as a child with water in my wine.

HEY BUDDY got youir answer 1 go to the wine store 2 open door 3 go in 4 select wine you desire 5 ask employee if you need help 6 take purchase to checkout you have to pay for this stuff. 7 wrap it up in nice fancy paper 8 give it to friend 9 no nine hope she opens bottle Enjoy

HOW to buy things in stores published 2006 chapter eight ..You drink it now it's gone

i would go to like a bevmo and talk to the ppl there to see what good tasting wine they would suggest like what other ppl have really enjoyed and if you are not 21 yet either take an older friend to buy it for you

i guess the best is to search online for nearest wine shop.


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