What is the best most awsomest mystical marijuana out to buy?!

Question: What is the best most awsomest mystical marijuana out to buy?

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Your mom

White Widow,pure awesomeness!
it was almost like a psychedelic trip!
i didnt even know a human could get that high!
it was stronger that weed brownies!
it was half a blunt!
it wasnt even fat!
it lasted for ever!
i also heard that Northern Lights is super good!
and Sour Diesel and sum strain thats like G 14 o sumthin like that..
but ive always heard White Widow was up there..
u know how strong white widow is?
it made me feel like i was on acid again..it was soo strong!
and i was coughin for 5 minutes straight!
and my eyes were like about to pop out..all those
symptoms u get wen u know u got good weed except
1000 times better!
its 100% a 1 hitta quitta!

Best i've ever smoked is Disney Land. Very mellow high and last for quite awhile. Beautiful outdoor grown stuff.

White Widow, Juicy Fruit, B.C. Bud

lemon haze

white widow set me on quite a trip

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