why does my humidor peek at 40%?!

Question: Why does my humidor peek at 40%?
i just bought a new humidor and i seasoned it exactly the way that the guy at the shop told me to, and also looked up some videos on youtube just to make sure i was doing it right. It's been sitting for about 3 days now it peeked at 40% 2 days ago and hasn't moved since.

so my question is how do i fix it


I think you want it more like 70%.
...get a shot glass of water in it to up the humidity and put cigars in to take up some of the empty space. If it still doesn't get in the range, check your meter, as 40% is probably low even in winter for a regular house, where do you live?

You want it higher?
40% is OK, the range from 40-60% humidity is comfortable.
Probably the amount of water added is in balance with the amount lost through ventilation now. So you either need to increase capacity, lower the temperature or lower the ventilation.

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