I got ******* wasted last night.... but I fell weird today?!

Question: I got ******* wasted last night.... but I fell weird today?
Last night I had 11 shots of vodka, im 125 pounds and I was drunk, I made phone calls I didnt even remember, is it possiable that im still drunk? my eyes hurt when I look at light, and I feel like im gonna trhow up, i have school in about 1 hour


If you don't realize what you're describing is a hangover u probably shouldn't drink. Like someone else said lots of water and eat. Things anyone who drinks should do but even i dont all the time is have enough water especially before or while u do alchohol. Good to eat before or after drinking is fatty food, it absorbs the alchohol easier... when hungover try bananas

i would say so that is a lot for someone so light. i've woken up still buzzed before. it could also be combined with a bad hang over. drink lots of water cuz your body is dehydrated and eat too that will help to make you feel better also take some tylenol good luck with school hopefully it won't be too painful to handle

its called a hangover
its what you have to live with when you drink too much the night before.


Yes mate, you are still drunk, drink at least 2L of water, take a vitamin B and sleep it of. Hope it was worth it.

its called a hangover

general knowledge

yes, you can still be drunk.

someone told me..

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