Do you like to booze on?!

Question: Do you like to booze on?
I mean do you really like to SLAM huge quantities of booze to get lit up?!?!? I have a 1.75 liter of vodka that i'm cracking, and I won't stop until every last drop is gone, or until I black the F out!!


word, i don't mind doin that every now and then

I love drinking as much as any drinker, but I don't feel the need to slam fast. That's a waste. I just drink normally until my brain tells me "Time for crashing" and then I still have beer left. And the best part is that I don't have to constantly buy and never get a hangover, and I can be awake longer.

OR until you die from Alcohol poisoning, why would you want to black out? that is extremely dangerous and unnecessary....good luck!

I hear that player, that vodka probably go good with some pork rhines and watermelon.


Get a job, Will

not really


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