Im 14 and i drink coffee......?!

Question: Im 14 and i drink coffee......?
Im just wondering if it really stunts your growth, like to where the point its noticeable. i drink a cup of coffee maybe 4 times a week. I make it for my mom , but she usually take one sip and says you can have the rest. lol but does anyone have any FACTS about how drinking coffee is bad....
and at 13 used to drink iced coffees from speedway with my friends. maybe twice a week. should i stopp? i am short.. and skinny . and my feet grow a lot faster then the rest of me. lol..


You are fine as you are.
The thing is to have a balanced diet - although that can be an imponderable.
I don't subscribe to the view that drinking coffee is bad in itself.
A recent study by scientists in Barcelona found that a small coffee with sugar actually helped.
Its all a matter of doing thing sensibly.

No, there is no scientific evidence drinking coffee stunts your growth, but there isn't any to show it doesn't. And at one cup a week, that's barely any, even if it did, you'd be fine because it's such a small amount. When I was 12 I used to drink like 5 cups a day, but it didn't stunt my growth.

A cup a day or so wont do anything bad. If you are drinking a pot or two a day then that is when you may have issues. And stunting your growth would be the least of your worries if you did have side effects.

There is no scientific evidence that caffeine stunts your growth. I started drinking coffee when I was 14 and I doubt I would be over 6' tall if I hadn't.

No, it doesn't, other than too much of anything, including soda, is a bad thing. And your feet are normal :)

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