what are AA meetings like?!

Question: What are AA meetings like?
what kind of ppl are there and how do the meetings go and what is the enviroment like? i am going to have to go to meetings and i am nervous.


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Hi Mary, I'm a recovering alcoholic in my 5th year of recovery, as 'That One Guy' said, they are really nothing to worry about, you will be surprised when you go to your first meeting how ordinary and well everyone looks.

You will meet men and women of all ages and all professions, in the the four years I've been going I've met teachers, nurses, doctors even a nun as well as all the other manual trades, alcoholism knows no boundaries.

You will also find that everyone there is friendly and helpful, each one of them has been in exactly the same position as you at some time, whether they have been sober for a few days, months or many years, I know several people who have 20 years sobriety, a few at 30 years and I've met one at 50 years sober.

You will also find after you've got used to going that they are very sociable events, I met my wife at one three years ago.

Just sit and listen for the first few times, you don't have to say or do anything you don't want to, you'll soon get the hang of it.

Most of the meetings I go to give out a 'chip' for each month of sobriety and then on for each year, this is my 4 year chip I received last November.


Meetings are usually held in church halls etc. with tea and biscuits, I promise you that you will come to enjoy them if you stick to the program, but most important of all, they will help you get rid of alcohol for ever.

I now work on the National 24hr AA helpline as an adviser, so you are welcome to mail me anytime for a chat or advice.

Relax. AA is usually a friendly environment where everyone helps eachother to get clean and sober. But what people are like varies. All you do is they go around the room and you say your name and that you are an alcoholic. Then people volunteer to share experiences with their struggle in addiction. Then they hand out 30,60, 90 day sober coins. Sharing your story is not required, so if you continue to go to the same meeting, you won't have to share until you have gotten to know some of the others there or until you feel comfortable doing so. Although I strongly recommend not saying something directly about the others story they share. Things like that are best left for the break that usually involve coffee drinkers and cigarette smokers to gather in or outdoors and talk. Hope you find everything helpful. :D. If further information is wanted or needed, just let me know and I'll help to the best of my knowlage.

I am a recovering drug addict that has attended several AA and NA meetings.

it's friendly, but be kinda depressing, especially if your only there because you got busted downtown drunk or something stupid like that. if your not an alcoholic and your there, the vibe either makes you feel like you are and need to be there, or that you aren't and your listening to depressing s*** for no reason

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