If you don't really like vodka what can you take shots of?!

Question: If you don't really like vodka what can you take shots of?

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Well there are a lot of others.. take your pick .x


Bacardi's 151. I used to drink that before I begin to drink vodka. I want to keep my youthful look.


Who does shots of vodka? By definition, it's an odorless, flavorless spirit.

Vodka shots are like taking running alcohol shots! Yuck. Rum is good, Tequila

Yeah, the the other person said, rum. It's made from sugar and is the drink of pirates.

Pretty much anything else, haha.
Rum is my favorite.

Jameson Irish Whiskey is my always my first choice

Anything People Drink Anything They Can Have In A Shot!.

What can't you take shots of?

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