Is Stolichnaya the best Vodka?!

Question: Is Stolichnaya the best Vodka?

It's ok but if you want real vodka, look for Nemiroff or Russian Standard

I have friends that come from Finland, Latvia, Slovakia - u get the idea

Stoli is ok. Grey Goose is great, but not worth the price. Actually, Costco brand Kirkland Vodka is actaully Grey Goose, just with the Kirkland name on it... and at a cheaper price.

The best cheap vodka is Svedka. It tastes like nothing, perfect for mixed drinks. No hangovers either.... yet.

TexHabs has it - Russian Standard. Very smooth and refined flavour which when drunk in the Russian style with a glass of water is very pleasant. That's what many Russians drink, and they should know..!

Lots of vodka drinking with Russians

it's good for what you can get in the states. but if you want really good vodka, you gotta go to europe and find whatever they got from poland. yes poland. i think they're vodka is better then the russians

Stoli gives me a headache ........ maybe its the flavored Stoli that does it. I prefer Skyy, but I also like others: Three Olives, Belvidere, Grey Goose, Luko (russian potato vodka), etc.


It is a good vodka. It is all a mater of taste.


Stoli is fine, but I prefer Finlandia.

I like Ciroc

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