i am alcoholic please help.?!

Question: I am alcoholic please help.?
i am alcoholic, can i start taking antidepressants and then stop drinking alcohol ? is it good idea ?


Antidepressants are not a cure for alcoholism and I would not feel safe taking them and trying to stop drinking. You've admitted you have a drinking problem, the next step is to do something positive about it. Rehab is a great place to get treatment and begin learning how to live a sober life. By definition, alcoholism is an inability to stop drinking, so quitting on your own is going to be extremely difficult. Mixing alcohol and antidepressants is a bad idea. Your body has built up a resistance AND requirement for alcohol that will eventually have an adverse effect on your health. Detoxing from alcohol can be very stressful and is some cases dangerous. If rehab is not an option, consider going to AA, (you should go there anyway) you will find people there that have suffered the way you are and can offer guidance on how to stop drinking and stay sober. You can also talk to your doctor for advice. Be honest and share how you're suffering. Don't let pride or shame stand in the way from taking this life saving step. Good luck to you!

Alcohol and antidepressants do not mix well. You could depress your breathing to a dangerous point. If you see your doctor they can prescibe tablet sthat will help with the cravings. If you are drinking an awful lot everyday you may need medical help to stop drinking as sudden withdrawal can cause fits.
it is great that you want to deal with your addiction, but it is best to seek professional help. Your doctor too will be pleased that you want to help yourself.

Go to AA. It is an old organization with a great reputation. You will find the help you need there. You can probably call a 1-800 number for answers to your questions. Don't be afraid to take that first step. Half the problem is admitting you have a problem, so kudos to you!

best of luck!

no, it's a terrible idea. seriously go to a hospital or something. rehab helps.
quit the alcohol, it's grose.

Zoloft did that for me.I lost all desire to drink, and even the taste of alcohol didn't seem good anymore. But I may be an anomaly. It happened within a month. Was taking 100 mg.

No, it is a very bad idea. You will then have 2 addictions. Get yourself into rehab.

Go to rehab if your alcoholism is severe.

Get help

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