Ecstasy/Pingas; to anyone who's ever taken or knows anything about?!

Question: Ecstasy/Pingas; to anyone who's ever taken or knows anything about?
for a school Health project we have to investigate an illegal drug, and it's affects on society.

I chose Ecstasy (sold in the form of pills, slang-titled 'pingas')
but cannot find any info on how much a dosage is, and how much u need to take to overdose.
one of my friends says u can buy pingas in diff sizes, but has no idea what they are as she doesnt take them herself.

does anyone know what size dosages theyre sold in, and how much one needs to have an affect?


There is technical information (dosage, etc) here:…

"An effect" is grammatically correct, assuming you are turning this in via report.

But because ecstasy is illegal, it is rather inconsistent. Ecstasy is technically a chemical called MDMA, but when you buy the pill on the streets, also nicknamed "rolls," you are knowingly buying an impure product.

Molly is pure ecstasy, MDMA, and is sold differently than the pills you are talking about. BE SURE to include that, MDMA is actually a very good chemical, and has been shown to have a very positive effect as an anti-depressant.

The rolls/pingas/etc you are talking about contain other things: caffeine, K, amphetamines, cocaine, etc. You don't know what is in them when you buy them, which is why some people think it would be easier to legalize and regulate.

E was a complicated one to choose, but I said most of the main hangups. Hope it helps.

And check out It has all sorts of cool things about drugs

Make sure you include that it feels like a lighting bolt hitting the tip of your penis. Rollin is the ****, gotta try it ha

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