So I have almost finished a full fifth of vodka on an empty stomach with a fever and I am barely feeling drunk?!

Question: So I have almost finished a full fifth of vodka on an empty stomach with a fever and I am barely feeling drunk?
what does that mean? I have a high tolerance for alcohol but I havent drank anything but beer for the past month. I don't understand.... it's not that I need to get drunk out of my mind or anything, it is just that I don't understand it. Can anyone shine some light on the subject?


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You're defiantly lying anyone who drink a fifth of vodka would be very drunk. P.S. did you know that you can die from alcohol poisoning from drinking this much vodka all at once if youre telling the truth you're lucky to be alive!!!!!! Don't do this ever again unless you want to die!!!! Alcohol posioning is not fun you end up in the hospital and if you're lucky just "if" you are lucky the nurses will be able to save you and sometimes the doctor's can't save you no matter how hard they try. You could loose your life if you get alcohol poisoning!!!!! never drink an entire fifth of vodka never!!!! half a fifth is enough.

its proof you have very high tolerance to alcohol, because ive been drinking off and on for about 20 years and i cant drink a fifth without having a killer buzz. sounds to me like you can handle your alcohol, but don't hold what i said as a compliment, because sometimes drinking that much can cause alcohol poisoning.
so please be careful drinking that much.

A true 5th of 40% vodka is about the equivalent of 17 beers. On an empty stomach drinking a whole fifth would even trash a person with a high tolerance. Are you sure you weren't drinking that diluted 21% crap they sell at supermarkets? That would be more like 8.5 beers.

I would say go see a doctor and then walk to a church find a room full of depressing people and tell them your name followed by the reason your there. That reason is that you can drink a full fifth of vodka and not be drunk BTW. Good luck

When you are sick, you shouldn't drink that much vodka. Wait for 10min, then you will probably be twitching on the floor, feeling like shiiiit.

Yes, you need to drink more. I can handle a full container of vodka. And not be drunk. Therefore I must drink more.

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