How often do you drink alcohol? Answers from people 25 years +?!

Question: How often do you drink alcohol? Answers from people 25 years +?

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4 or 5 times a week at most but I don't get drunk I just like having my beer after a stressful day at work.

think you find the amount consumed as we get older is lower , younger 25-35 drink more than 35-55think we have learned that its ok to consume a little and is good for you,, but also we learned to much of a good thing makes it bad.......
Besides as we gewt older we do not "party" or hang out with the main drinking crowds.
for myself (65) drink glass of wine once in while,

Im 23 and in college so quite a bit. I like to have fun and am not going to feel guilty about it. Just be responsible is my motto. I drink heavy like 4-8 drinks once a week and nothing out side of that. Usually i save my drinking night for the weekend and if drink on the weekdays which is rare it is like one or two at a friends room.

A few times a week at most. Typically on weekends with friends over or at people's houses. I don't go out just to drink and I may go several weeks without drinking anything.

not much, i've seen the consequences and been apart of the consequences many times!! now i'm 29 with 2 girls and my life belongs to them!!

some wine once or twice a week and then on weekends like 2 or 3 drinks at the most, unless there is a celebration (meaning much much more)

Two or three times a year, just until I feel a buzz.

i don't drink
and i'm 31

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